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Cedars Upper

Sixth Form Welcome

A thriving sixth form at the heart of the school community which has outstanding results.

Welcome to our sixth form community: we’re excited to work with you to help you realise your potential and ambitions.

 Here at Cedars, we understand that sixth form is essentially a stepping-stone in order for students to go on and achieve their goals, either in designated careers or pursuing further studies at a higher level. This means that we aim to support our students with both their academic growth and their own individual development to create students who are well-rounded and ready for their next steps. In order to nurture these skills, we try to mirror adult learning environments as much as possible to allow students to take more responsibility and accountability for their own studying. 

 We are incredibly lucky to have subject specialist teachers within every department of sixth form study which enables us to achieve outstanding results at A Level. This, alongside the pastoral support that is offered to all students, has allowed students to thrive and fulfil their desires of getting into their first choice of university, for example, or getting a degree apprenticeship with a prestigious company. 

As sixth form students, we expect our sixth form community to be role models in the school and, as such, maintain high expectations for our students. Sixth formers are expected to attend every form time, unless home study is agreed, and students must attend every lesson on their timetable in a punctual manner. An important part of students developing their study skills is understanding time management and prioritisation skills. This means that it is essential that all students complete homework and independent study work in a timely manner and to the best of their ability. There is a direct correlation between those that manage their workload in a positive and sustained way achieving great success within sixth form. 

 Please find a copy of our prospectus here, which gives further details about our sixth form community and expectations.

To be accepted into sixth form, students will need to have gained the entry requirements: students need to achieve 5 GCSEs from grade 9-4, with 3 of those GCSEs being graded at a 5 or above. 

Each subject will also have their own entry requirements which students will be expected to achieve in order to gain entry on to the course. Please find a copy of our subject booklet (with all the current subjects offered within sixth form) here. This booklet includes information about the courses themselves as well as the all-important subject requirements. 

 Please also find below key dates for the sixth form diary as well as links to key documents.


 We look forward to working with you in Cedars Sixth Form.


 Mrs E Browne - Assistant Headteacher - Head of Sixth Form. Email: ebrowne@cedarsupper.co.uk 

Mrs Hemming - Assistant Head of Sixth Form. Email- shemming@cedarsupper.co.uk

Mrs Jones- Sixth Form Administrator. Email- sjones@cedarsupper.co.uk

Miss Kealey - Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance coordinator.  Email- ekealey@cedarsupper.co.uk


Key dates:

-Y12 Information Evening- 14th September

-Y13 Parent Consultation Evening- 17th October 

-Sixth Form Open Evening- 9th November

-Y13 Mocks- 27th November- 1st December

-Last year Y13 awards- 18th December

-Y12 Mocks- 22nd-26th January 

-Y12 Parent Consultation Evening- 6th March

-Y13 Mocks- 11th-15th March

-UCAS evening- 12th March 

-Y12 Mocks- 26th-28th June


Key documents

- 2024 Application here

- Prospectus here

- Subject Booklet here

- Sixth Form dress code here

- Cedars expectations here

 Reporting an absence 

Parents should inform school on the day of absence if their child is not going to be in. Please email attendance@cedarsupper.co.uk 

For planned leave of absence students can collect a green form from the Sixth Form office to complete.